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Receiving a Landscaping Vision

The Finest Landscaping Ideas start with your own vision for your yard. However, sometimes it takes someone else's vision to help get our own creative juices flowing.

Fall has arrived! Now is a perfect time to begin planning your spring landscaping project.

There are many places to find inspiration for your next landscaping idea, depending on your time constraints. The internet, home and garden shows, magazines, and of course your own city. Of course there are pros and cons to each method.

Searching the internet provides a large assortment of landscaping ideas in a short amount of time. The speed and quantity of search results garnered from the internet is diminished by the fact that you only get to view a small snapshot of the scene.

Live home and garden shows are great for presenting plants that grow in your local area. The downside is, they are only put on once or twice a year.

Televised home and garden shows can be a good source for seeing how a project is done. However, they are usually only broadcast weekly and present a limited amount of "how to" information and geographical regions.

The best method to discover what grows in your neighborhood is to walk or drive around and physically view the plants your neighbors have planted. Not only will you see what grows well in your area, you will also see how the plants look at different times of year and as they age. The downside of course is the amount of time it takes to find the types of plants you desire.

Another popular method is landscaping software. Landscaping software has improved drastically over the years. No longer are you limited to flat 2D drawings. Now you can import a picture of your own home and see your landscaping ideas come to life in 3D. Compare landscaping software.

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